Boat/Watercraft Insurance in California

There's really nothing like taking your boat, pontoon, or other watercraft out on the lake. It is one of the great ways to enjoy the weather around Bakersfield, CA. However, if you don't have insurance on the watercraft you are leaving yourself up to a potentially substantial financial loss should anything ever happen to it. That is why if you own a boat or anything else that goes in the water you need to give our team at Covermax Insurance a call. We'll help make sure you have the right coverage for your California watercraft.

Protecting Your Watercraft, No Matter Where You Are

Far too many people assume they don't need boat insurance because there are not many obstacles within the water that will damage the boat. Depending on where you take the boat this might be true. However, there are plenty of other times your boat will be exposed. When you are in transit if you are involved in an accident your auto insurance will likely not cover the boat. Additionally, if the boat is in storage and something happens to it the boat might be damaged. Should an earthquake strike and damage the boat, or if a wildfire consumes where your boat is stored you may be out of luck without insurance. That is why you need to consider watercraft insurance.

Find the Right Insurance Policy For Your Boat

It doesn't matter if you have a jet-ski, a speed boat, pontoon, or any other kind of watercraft, it is important to have an insurance policy taken out on it. These insurance policies will help protect your boat while in the water, in storage, or in transit. This way should anything ever happen to it you'll have it covered with insurance. So, if you're shopping around for boat insurance, have additional questions, or are ready to select a policy, now is the perfect time to give our team at Covermanx Insurance a call. We're here to help protect your Bakersfield, CA watercraft.

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