Motor Home Insurance in California

Motor home insurance coverage in California is typical to many other states. You are required to carry:

  • Coverage for Collisions
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Property Damage Liability

Motor homes often have the same amenities as a house. Looking at extra coverage for your motor home can save you grief on unexpected problems on the road and protect your items. Additional coverage may include:

  • Veterinary expenses should a pet be injured in a collision.
  • Protection for custom modifications that have been made to your motor home after the initial purchase. These may include mounted electronic equipment, awnings, or other permanent additions.
  • Replacement coverage for personal items and furnishings.
  • Additional liability coverage for injury or damage that happens while you’re using your RV as a vacation home.
  • Emergency coverage of expenses should your motor home become destroyed. For example, hotels and rental vehicles would be paid for.

Motor homes are required to carry full coverage insurance if a lien-holder carries the title. Owning your motor home outright gives you the option of liability only. However, with such a large investment, full coverage is worth considering.

The cost of insurance for motor homes can vary according to the size of the vehicle, deductible amounts set, how many miles you drive your motor home in a year and what type of driving record you have.

Covermax Insurance in Bakersfield, CA has professional agents that will explain the aspects of coverage available for motor homes. Not everyone has the same need for specific policies. There will be no surprises if you find yourself needing to file a claim. A motor home can be a vacation come true and a way to visit the country in comfort. Call Covermax Insurance today and make an appointment to go over your motor home insurance coverage today.

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